"Israel today" - Workshopday

What we like to do?

Let us make a trip to the modern State of Israel! Our guests like to present  their beautiful and interessting country to us. They will share their experiencis and like to talk about how the people live in Israel today and about the Jewish traditions and culture. We like to discuss about the problems of antisemitism and to spend time for all our questions. The German pupils will present their own contry too.



View over the old city of Jerusalem form Ev.-Luth. Salvator Church to east


7.30 - 7.45 am opening in our assembly hall
7.45 - 8.25 am a short visitig tour in our school
8.30 - 9.00 am


9.15 - 9.45 am workshops
10.00 - 10.30 am


10.45  - 11.15 pm


11.30 - 12.00 pm


12.15 - 1.30 pm

lunch & feedback


immigration difficulty

Was heißt Immigration für Deutschland und was bedeutet sie für Israel? 

What we do: Both countries present theier expieriences and problems.

meaning of the army

Der Wehrdienst ist sowohl für Mädchen und Jungen Plicht und spielt eine große Rolle in Israel. Seit seiner Gründung lebt der Staat Israel mit der ständigen Bedrohung durch benachbarte islamische Staaten.

What we do: Here it is interesting for the German pupils which meaning the Israelis attach to their army. German pupils can present their understanding of a professional army and give reasons why they prefer not to be a soldier.


Musik spricht eine eigene Sprache. Auch sie ist eine Möglichkeit, sich näher zu kommen.

What we do: Here special musicians (history) could for example be introduced (maybe with a short listening example) or current music genres/styles.


contry/people/ culture

Israel hat eine vielfältige Bevölkerung und eine bedeutende Kultur und Geschichte. Das macht Israel innovativ aber auch sehr traditionsreich.

What we do:  Special bank holiday and how people celebrate them could be presented.

language animation

Lerne einige hebräische Wörter und etwas über die Kultur des Landes!

What we do: First simple phrases (introducing oneself, greeting…) can be taken from our “working language” English and be taught in Hebrew and German. It’ll also be possible to do short dialogues or language games.


Wir bereiten für die Gäste und die Workshopleiter ein kleines Mittagsmahl und sprechen über Essgewohnheiten.

What we do: We prepare the meal for lunch and speek about serveral typical dishes in our both countries.


We will split the 105 students of all 11th classes in 6 groups with 21 persons. Every group change the room after every workshop and go to next of them. Only the cooking-workshop do not change the persons. The Israelian students stay in the room and make the workshop, which they have prepared, thogether with the responsible German students 5 times and about 30 minutes for each workshop, arranged by 4 pupils (2 guests + 2 pupils of our school each). Timing: 15 minutes as warming up speeking about personal thinks, expectations and expieriences in Germany and Israel ..., after that  each about 10 to 15 minutes.